ANKC: Australian National Kennel Council
ASTCD: Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
ACD: Australian Cattle Dog
CCCQ: Canine Control Council (Queensland)
KAQ: Kennel Association (Queensland)
STCD: Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The present day “pure bred Stumpy” is a modern construct, produced under the guidelines set down in the ANKC Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Redevelopment Scheme, inaugurated in 1988. I emphasise; the ASTCD is a modern construct. Put it another way. The ASTCD was, from 1988, a breed in the process of development from selected exemplars in the Cattle Dog population, many of them unregistered stock dogs on rural properties. Continue reading

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The Development of the Halls Heeler

Rock painting of a dingo and an ancestral figure from the Laura region in Queensland, Science Magazine 4 April 2016.

The Dingo arrived in Australia several thousand years ago with early human immigrants and were an accepted part of the aboriginal communities in which they lived. With the passing of time dingoes became less trustful of humans – attributable to the breakdown of aboriginal society and exacerbated by the attempts of sheep graziers to exterminate them. In the 1820s and 1830s, however, the Dingoes in the Hunter Valley had yet to learn fear of the white settlers and probably visited Dartbrook to scavenge for anything edible. Thomas may even have made pets of them, particularly of their pups. His familiarity with Dingoes invited the idea of crossing them on to the working dogs from Northumberland. Continue reading

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Settling in at Dartbrook 1826.

The opening of the Pitt Town – Bulga road, the Putty Road, in 1823 was timely for George Hall. He applied for lands in the Hunter Valley for himself and four of his sons, the first application having been made in April 1825. Continue reading

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During the 1990s, Dr Helen Hewson-Fruend wrote a series of articles on form and function in the dog. They were first published in the Pedigree Pal Digest and later reprinted in the Canine Journal. Helen’s analysis of form and function has stood the test of time. Little has changed except that much more is known about canine domestication now, 2019, than was known in the 1990s. These advances in knowledge do not affect Helen’s analyses. Neither form nor function have changed. Here is the first of Helen’s articles; others to follow. Continue reading

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The story as best we can understand it is largely speculative. It is based on recollections passed through generations as family and other informal history, tied into a few documented events and dates. The colonial gentry sometimes kept journals and preserved letters and other documents for posterity; the Halls weren’t and didn’t. Some Hall papers are held by the Mitchell Library in Sydney. A few documents are treasured by Hall descendants. Some material is understood to have been purposely destroyed, to hide it from prying eyes. Continue reading

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